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“Bluematter combines brilliant marketing strategy tools and training with the ability to tap into top marketing resources whenever I need them. I can be flexible in my stratedy AND strong in execution ensuring I deliver the results I committed to my team.”

Ryan Rutan

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

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Answers to Common
Plan Questions

Q. Who is Bluematter a good fit for?

Bluematter is an excellent fit for businesses of all sizes with at least one internal full-time Marketing champion who can work closely with your Sales and Executive leadership.

Q. Can Bluematter replace my marketer?

In a word, no. We believe that some of the most critical people on your team are your in-house marketers. Through Bluemater they become unstoppable revenue-generating pros.

Q. Is there an annual contract?

All paid Bluematter Memberships come with a 12-month commitment. We want you to be sure this is right for you before you buy, and are incentivized to maximize your membership.

Q. Can I cancel my membership?

Bluematter comes with a 14-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied just reach out to our support team. We’ll do an exit survey and wish you well.

Q. How many licenses do I get?

All Paid Bluematter Memberships come with 5 licences for members of your immediate staff, usually utilized by your heads of Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance, and Operations.

Q. Are marketing services included?

Your paid membership includes all-access to our entire partner network, but their services and software are sold separately. Many partners offer exclusive discounts or free services.

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