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Just like an edge-of-your-seat thriller or a binge-worthy TV show, you know a podcast is good when you put your headphones on, and can’t stop listening until the episode (or entire series) is over.

What if marketing professionals took a different approach to their branding strategy, and implemented a B2B podcast in the mix? Would it be worth their time? Robert Scheerbarth, Co-Owner & Podcast Strategist of Podcast Rocket, would argue, “Absolutely!”

In this episode of the In-House Marketer Podcast, host Ryan McInerney – Founder & CEO of Bluematter – chats with Robert Scheerbarth of Podcast Rocket to further understand why content marketers should care about B2B podcasting.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:   

  • [14:53] What does the operation look like at Podcast Rocket that supports their marketing strategy? 
  • [24:32] What is the definition of doing podcasting well and what is the definition of doing podcasting poorly? 
  • [30:29] Does your target audience listen to podcasts? 
  • [32:11] What are the reasons behind failing or “dropping out” of podcasting? 
  • [39:00] What is the one thing that everyone gets wrong about podcasting? 

Not only does Scheerbarth elaborate on B2B podcasting, but he also emphasizes the importance of merging podcasting, social media, SEO, sales, and the full “marketing package” to rebrand your company image and grow your business. 

First and Foremost, Know Your Brand 

Before investing your time and money into a B2B podcast, it’s crucial to discover your brand identity, and understand who your target audience is. Top podcast performers know their clients, and have a clear strategy to generate predictable demand. If you don’t have these pieces of the puzzle, you will set yourself up for failure.

Podcasting Takes Time 

Another key takeaway from Scheerbarth’s episode is the fact that B2B podcasting takes time. There are no immediate results, so it’s important to be patient, and continue to nurture your current relationships with clients. Podcasting is also a passive way to generate new leads and therefore, generate revenue growth.  

About the Guest 

Robert Rodriguez Scheerbarth started up Podcast Rocket with his wife and CEO back in October, 2019. They help start-ups and small businesses launch, maintain, rebrand, edit, and grow podcasts as part of their digital marketing strategy. As B2B podcasting experts, they focus on expanding network, creating trust, and developing brand awareness in order to attract new leads and grow revenue. Scheerbarth is now a trusted provider for Bluematter podcasting needs, and continues to grow his business by practicing what he preaches.