“You can’t be lazy in any part of your process.”

Christopher Antonopoulos
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And just like that, first-time in-person appointments, “stopping by,” and shaking hands with prospects gave way to online marketing and fully virtual sales interactions driven by sales CRMs, marketing automation, and customer service automation technologies.

The COVID-19 pandemic and aftermath have no doubt exposed the strengths and weaknesses of your digital investments and your historical view about their importance in your sales organization.

Covid-19 Digital Transformation | Tom Fishburne | Marketoonist.com

Whether you made the right strategic bets into your digital strategy or not, you’re likely grappling with questions about what to do now and how to emerge from the economic gridlock on top.

That’s why Christopher Antonopoulos joined Ryan McInerney on the In-House Marketer Podcast. Christopher is a business technologist and founder of Measured Results Marketing, a top tier partner with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot, and more.

In this compelling interview, Christopher pulls back the curtain and provides a behind-the-scenes look at what their top-performing team did to increase sales productivity, retain nearly every client, and pivot their messaging to better reach their ideal buyers.

Listen to the end to hear what the brands that are surviving and thriving are doing with their sales and marketing automation to reach full-stride in 2021.

Top Quotes

[12:33] “Even if you’re a really large company you still have to know your relationship with a client, the status of them as a customer or as a prospect…if not you will be ignored, unsubscribed immediately.”

[18:39] “Think about repositioning what you do, based on the [client] pain points first before trying to redevelop or reimagine your company, and take a hard look at what you do well and see if it applies to other industries that may be more profitable at this point.”

[29:10] “I think you have to have the discipline to outlining the plan…It’s really hard to have that organizational will up front, even if you can’t do it all at once, that’s ok. Get overwhelmed in the planning. It’s ok to feel ‘how can I possibly get all these things done,’ but if you don’t know what those things are you’re going to make a lot of bad decisions along the way.

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Making Smart Year-End Tech Choices | Live Training | Christopher Antonopoulos of Measured Results Marketing and Ryan McInerney of Bluematter

About the Guest:

Christopher Antonopoulos is the Founder and CEO of Measured Results Marketing (MRM), a premier Bluematter Execution Hub Partner.

Measured Results Marketing (MRM) has an established history in helping mid-sized and enterprise B2B companies. By designing sales and marketing automation strategies and building the tech stacks that will enable them, they help clients efficiently manage their customer’s entire lifecycle from the first interaction to “closed-won.”

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