It’s rare for a senior leader to join their front line marketing team by creating any content. But even fewer create record-breaking growth for their business during a global pandemic using content marketing.

And yet, that’s exactly what Steve Pockross, CEO of Verblio, did with his lean in-house marketing team.

Steve joined host Ryan McInerney on the In-House Marketer Podcast to reveal how he and the Verblio team pivoted their marketing strategy with zero budget, doubled their content production, and broke their growth projections. He shares how you can apply the lessons they learned to ride the wave of the fast-approaching economic recovery.

In this episode, Steve shares..

  • What got Steve off the bench and into the content creation game in a way that worked with his strengths, capacity, and personality
  • What thriving companies are doing right now to grow during the crisis and what they’ll be doing in the future
  • Why audience building, not SEO, should be the primary focus of your content right now
  • The best ways to increase the value out of your existing content by refreshing and repurposing

…And more.

After Listening, Register:

Steve Pockross, CEO, and Paul Zalewski, VP of Marketing, join Ryan McInerney October 13th at 1pm for a live and highly interactive webinar “How to Design a Content Creation Process That Grows Your Business In Any Market”

Who should listen:

  • Senior Leaders – Learn how this CEO went from creating 3 pieces of content a year to over 50 in six months without ever writing a single word.
  • In-House Marketers – Listen as Steve reveals what the brands that thrived during the pandemic did differently than those that struggled.

Listeners will be challenged to think of content as a competitive advantage and consider how they can use it in their unique business.

About the Guest:

Verblio is a Bluematter Execution Hub Marketplace Partner, and premier content marketing creation company based out of Boulder, Colorado. Verblio provides premium content services for businesses in over 40 industries with their community of over 3,000 subject matter expert writers.

Special Offer:

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