“I love it when people say podcasting is oversaturated…” – Dan Sanchez

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Are you wondering how Podcasting can help you to create consistent success no matter the market conditions? 

In this episode, Dan Sanchez breaks the fourth wall to talk podcasting your way out of a pandemic, reveal his current go-to-market playbook at Sweet Fish Media, and share how the alley-oops from James Carbary and Logan Lyles have catapulted their visibility on LinkedIn.

Dan’s experience as Co-host of the B2B Growth show and in-house marketing leader has given him an in-depth look into the trajectory of podcasting in 2020 and beyond.

In this conversation, Dan covers everything from what senior leaders can do to better support their teams, to his controversial positions on personal brands in the workplace and why he believes every marketing team should start thinking like a media company.

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How to Launch and Grow a Profitable Podcast Right Now with Logan Lyles of Sweet Fish Media

Top Quotes:

[6:59] The one place we went all-in on and started expanding on was on LinkedIn, especially on personal pages…”

[23:42] “A lot of people think you shouldn’t have friendships and things should stay professional but I disagree with that.”

[31:11] “I actually think podcasting will follow a similar trajectory to youtube.”

Who Should Listen:

Senior Leaders – Dan shares how James Carbary, Founder & CEO, has created a safe place to push back, create personal brands without fear, and how his passion for marketing has empowered his in-house team.

Sales Teams – Learn how Dan and Logan Lyles, Director of Partnerships, work together personally and professionally to create growth opportunities for the company no matter the market.

In-House Marketers – Dan is a fellow marketer, with finite time, money, and energy. He shares both his go-to-market strategy and predictions on the future, but also what it’s like to juggle the demand on his time and still have time for his personal life.

About the Guest:

Dan Sanchez is the Director of Audience Growth for Sweet Fish Media. Sweet Fish Media is a Bluematter Execution Hub Partner, and premier Podcasting company based out of Orlando, Florida. Sweet Fish Media helps you strategize, launch, distribute, and promote your podcast from start to finish with a focus on generating demand from your ideal buyers. They’ve produced over 200 podcasts for B2B brands, and have produced over 1,500 episodes of their flagship show, B2B Growth (boasting over 150k downloads a month).

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