Episode Summary: Kevin Knebl joins Ryan McInerney to discuss the principles he used to become the top performing sales rep at four companies in as many industries, a LinkedIn early adopter and expert, and international speaker.

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Social Selling Principles with Guest Kevin Knebl Show Overview:

One of the most overused words to describe someone is “unique,” but Kevin Knebl is deserving of such a title for more reasons than one. Kevin joined me last week at the PACE Sales, Marketing, and Technology Conference in Asheville, NC last week after his talk on Social Selling with LinkedIn.

Kevin has a stellar resume, being the top performing sales executive at four different companies in four different industries, one of which was in 15 countries and had 300 competing sales reps for the top spot.

Even more, Kevin was an early adopter of LinkedIn, and has been coaching executive teams and professionals how to use it effectively longer than anyone else.

He’s the foremost authority on the KLT factor, and he shows us how to use this recipe to develop relationships very quickly to produce better metrics than any other method in sales today.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  1. The most underutilized approach by sales and marketing teams to shorten sales cycles
  2. How going slow speeds up corporate growth
  3. Where empathy can convert a cold lead into a warm opportunity
  4. Why growth hacking is usually unsuccessful
  5. How to use social media to build relationships that lead to revenue