Episode Summary: Imagine never having to fire another digital marketing agency again for poor performance, or feeling the struggle that comes from doing all of your marketing in-house. How? By getting off of the Marketing Crazy Cycle. Learn how by listening in.

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Episode Slides:

If you listen to the Market Leader Podcast, we have to assume that your goal is to become the most sought-after brand in your niche.

  • But have you ever felt like you aren’t able to get traction?
  • You watch as time, money, and opportunity slips through your fingers, and the goal for growth with it.
  • Your internal team doesn’t seem to be fully capable of getting it right; they’re all over the map.
  • The sales team continues to do things the old way, with diminishing returns, but won’t apply new approaches.
  • The marketing team hasn’t been able to prove an ROI, seems overwhelmed, and always wants more time or investment.
  • The agency you hired hasn’t produced what’s expected of them, and the retainer is starting to get burdensome. Not to mention they don’t seem to really understand your business.

Deep down you know that if you can figure out how to harness digital marketing and inbound sales, you’d be unstoppable, and would unseat those unworthy competitors of yours.

And yet, here you are.

There’s a strong chance you might be in the Marketing Crazy Cycle, but not to worry, we have the cure.

In this Episode of the Market Leader Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why your current team isn’t hitting their numbers, or justifying the marketing investment.
  • Why digital marketing agencies are usually a crutch, and unable to grow your business to its full potential in a timely manner.
  • The four steps to take to become independent of a digital agency and empower your team to achieve the CEO vision.