On a recent podcast interview with Spencer Rule of Zoom Shift, I was asked to give a piece of advice to marketers.

You can listen in for yourself, but in essence, I told him that I believe that the best thing marketers could do is to start spending 75% or more of their professional time with sales leaders.

Why? For a variety of reasons, marketers struggle to understand their impact on the business. Spending more time with sales teams can raise their business acumen, unify sales and marketing efforts, and enable them to better understand their role in generating real value for the business.

So, when Bill Caskey and I were speaking at the HRO Sales and Marketing Summit in Dallas this past week, I made certain to practice what I preach.

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, and appreciate a good podcast, there’s no doubt you’ve listened to the Advanced Selling Podcast with Bill Caskey and Bryan Neal.

Advanced Selling Podcast with Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale

With over 600 episodes between them, they understand how to leverage content to sell more effectively.

Bill and I got together in the (smokeless) Cigar Bar at the Gaylord Resort for a conversation that is sure to be as motivational as it is practical. Be warned, though, because if you’ve been granting yourself excuses to keep you from doing things that don’t come naturally to you, there’s a good chance we’re going to challenge you.

In our conversation, we answer the challenges many sales professionals and executives present when told they should take content creation and personal branding seriously, along with giving some practical tips and examples on how to use these methods to accelerate the sales process and build up familiarity with their pipeline.

If you’ve been disenchanted with these efforts, or you just don’t know where to start, we’ve got some thoughts that can help.

In this Episode:

  • Setting realistic expectations on when content will generate results (Spoiler: it’s not overnight)
  • Choosing the kind of content you most enjoy creating (so you’ll stick with it)
  • How to handle marketers when they tell you “You gotta do this/be there”
  • How to get more value out of less content
  • Non-traditional ways of using content to generate attention and referrals
  • Curating content for your social network gets a whole new approach
  • Why your experience and expertise is all you need to create remarkable content
  • And more…