“Don’t be afraid to try something new.”

Amanda Oles
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Have the recent disruptions put strain on your sales and marketing team?

The scramble to reconstruct long-held structures in your marketing operations is daunting enough. Working remotely hasn’t made synergy between these departments any easier, but that hasn’t stopped the team at WordStream.

When online advertising was disrupted earlier this year by nationwide advertising budget reductions, Dave Posternak and Amanda Oles shifted their go-to-market strategy to maximize their existing contact database and double down on webinars.

Dave and Amanda joined host Ryan McInerney on The In-House Marketer Podcast to reveal how they charted new territory and built a marketing strategy that put them front and center as their client’s trusted advisor.

Listen in as they share their insights on increasing customer engagement through disruption, ways to improve your marketing strategy right now, and the benefits that virtual trainings can play in attracting more prospects into your funnel, with or without large advertising budgets.

After Listening, Watch the Replay:

Dave Posternak, Account Director with WordStream, joined Bluematter again on October 22nd at 2 pm EST for a live and highly interactive webinar, “Demand on Tap: Succeeding at Online Advertising on Any Budget

Top Quotes:

[18:44] “Webinars in general are our new go-to strategy. We used to do one a month, now it’s like two a month minimum, we will always have those webinars.”

[22:10]  “I’ve never made one cold call, which is unique. I’m so grateful and lucky to have Amanda in that marketing department. All these different webinars and white papers we’re producing actually produce more leads during this time.”

[37:36] “So don’t be scared or afraid of trying a new tactic and having it not work out because that’s just a learning opportunity. And as a pivot to that, like if budget’s tough right now, engage your database.”

About the Guests:

Dave Posternak is an incredibly successful Account Director with WordStream, and has led his team to consistent new opportunities and growth.

Amanda Oles has been the Marketing Manager at WordStream for 3 years. She’s focused on database engagement and working leads through the funnel through the sales team, and coming up with creative ways to engage leads.

WordStream is a Bluematter Execution Hub Partner, and premier Online Advertising company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. WordStream’s software and services are built for small and mid-sized businesses to help drive big results from online advertising. WordStream has helped their customers achieve an average increase of 44% in Click-through rate, and a 30% average increase in conversion.

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