“Design is a lot more than pretty”

Charna Ambers, CB Design New York
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Many business leaders believe it’s easier and more cost-effective to hire a marketing agency to simply create a website and throw in some copy to help promote their business. Upscale brand and marketing designers, however, would tell us differently.

In this episode, Charna Ambers explains the importance of combining design, copy, and strategy to build a compelling and unique brand, especially during the economic recovery. 

Charna Ambers – premier designer and brand expert from CB Design NY – gets to the bottom of brand identity with host, Ryan McInerney – Founder and CEO of Bluematter.

Ambers responds to many tough questions throughout the episode regarding new and original branding, web design, digital design, and forming a unique identity for your brand. 

In a nutshell, Ambers brings her expertise to the table and reminds us that emotional connections with your target audience is the key to success. 

In This Episode Charna Ambers Reveals 

  • [14:30] What everyone gets wrong about the importance of design in a business. 
  • [16:25] What is the return on investment for a business, and what real impact does design have.
  • [18:30] What is the signal that design can make when it’s done correctly. 
  • [19:18] The power of design, and how it can solve problems in a marketing strategy. 
  • [19:55] What is trending in terms of the conversation around design. 
  • [22:55] What does it mean to say, “A design needs to speak to the audience.”
  • [25:46] What is the art and science behind hiring a professional designer vs. hiring a crowd service to help design your brand logo. 
  • [28:58] What are the long-term benefits of investing in designing a unique brand. 
  • [30:07] What is the importance and relevance of design that no one seems to understand. 

Top Quotes

“Design is a lot more than Pretty. Your brand is your professional Image.”

“You can’t design if you don’t know what you’re designing, the design is very strongly based on the copy.”

“Your logo, your website, your marketing that’s all really the face of your professional brand.”

About the Guest 

Charna Ambers is a professional designer and brand expert of 15 years for CB Design NY – a small boutique firm that focuses on powerful design and research to help differentiate brands from others. As a Bluematter Execution Hub Partner, her firm provides design services for hospitality, healthcare, and real estate facilities with the intention of defining the brand’s identity and building authority in a competitive market.

Ambers spends most of her time promoting herself and her brand on LinkedIn in order to gain clients. Her raw and real posts, direct messaging with previous and prospective clients, and online presence speak to individuals on a personal level.