Strategy Hub

On-demand tools
& training to help your business grow

Marketing strategies that work in any market, the skills you need to execute them, and coaches to guide you to success.

Successful marketing starts with the
right plan and skills to execute it.

But who’s are you relying on?

Marketing Agencies

Expensive and Limiting
Don’t know your business as well as you do

Rely on fixed calendars and recycled playbooks

Give advice that keeps you paying and dependent

In-House Team

Affordable and Flexible
Knows your brand and buyer better than anyone
Adjusts immediately to needs and opportunities
Leans on trusted peers and data to decide what’s best

Make the transition to modern
in-house marketing

Your Bluematter Membership includes every tool in the Strategy Hub. Know what to do and how to do it, for a fraction of the cost of a typical marketing gameplan.

Marketing Strategy Builder

Replace your marketing agency’s recycled strategy for one that’s perfectly tailored to your brand and ideal buyer.

  Create a Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

  Align Your Revenue Team to a Vision

 Adapt Whenever the Market Changes

Marketing Training Courses

Pick up new skills to execute the pieces of your marketing strategy that are best done by your in-house team.

  Access Recorded and Live Virtual Training

  Learn From Marketers Who Practice What They Teach

 Get Certified to Gain Confidence and Credibility

Marketing Coaching

Book on-demand feedback and advice from unbiased marketing consultants to ensure your marketing plans succeed.

  Tap Into an Expert’s Experience in Any Field
  Avoid Huge Ongoing Consultant Retainers

 Get Insights Before or After a Campaign

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Strategy and Training

Bluematter fully replaces your marketing agency by giving you everything you need on one platform.
Strategy Hub

Gain a competitive advantage with a fresh marketing strategy and new skills

 Create a Digital Marketing Strategy
Access Recorded and Live Training
Tap an Expert for Marketing Advice
Execution Hub

Implement your marketing strategy without agency drawbacks

  Work With Vetted, Trusted Partners

  Access the Best Tools & Technology
  Recruit New Team Members for Free
Community Hub

Conquer every marketing challenge in the company of fellow marketers

  Track the Progress of Your Team

  Earn Valuable Ranks & Rewards
  Lower the Risk of Campaign Failure

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