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Collaborate With Your Peers and Succeed Together

Exchange advice with fellow marketers, message leading experts, and expand your team in a growing virtual community.

Being a marketer can be a tough job, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Even without a global crisis or its aftermath, being an in-house marketer usually means making important decisions and launching campaigns without anyone on your team understanding what you do well enough to give you advice, provide helpful feedback, or share your joy in a win.

And there’s no safe place to admit you need help or to share the struggle. When every decision makes a difference to your company’s future, turn to Bluematter’s Community Hub and put the network to work for you.

Private Group to Connect Your Team

Get everyone on your team aligned on your marketing no matter when or where they’re working.

  Private and Unlisted from Group Directory
  Track Learning and Training Progression
 Share Campaign Assets and get Team Feedback

Gamified Social Network

Everything you love about your favorite social networks and groups without the trolls, spam, or self-promotion. Plus participation trophies! 🏆

 Earn Ranks and Rewards for Helping Fellow Marketers
  Post Questions and Get Expert and Peer Feedback
 Use Earned Credits Toward Execution Hub Purchases

Virtual Marketer Meetups & Discussions

Join Bluematter marketing experts, featured guests, and other members to share what’s working, get insights, and encourage one another.

 Share Your Latest Project, Get Instant Feedback

  Lower the Risk of a Campaign Failing
 Celebrate Wins, Turn Losses into Lessons
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Bluematter fully replaces your marketing agency by giving you everything you need on one platform.
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Gain a competitive advantage with a fresh marketing strategy and new skills

 Create a Digital Marketing Strategy
Access Recorded and Live Training
Tap an Expert for Marketing Advice
Execution Hub

Implement your marketing strategy without agency drawbacks

  Work With Vetted, Trusted Partners

  Access the Best Tools & Technology
  Recruit New Team Members for Free
Community Hub

Conquer every marketing challenge in the company of fellow marketers

  Track the Progress of Your Team

  Earn Valuable Ranks & Rewards
  Lower the Risk of Campaign Failure

Become part of the in-house marketing revolution.

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