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Bluematter gives you everything you need to create marketing strategies
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The USA’s best companies trust Bluematter
“I highly recommend any in-house marketing team to leverage Bluematter’s expertise and network of affiliated partners for help with company branding and strategy, building a website, creating content marketing campaigns, starting a podcast, etc!”
John Komadina

Director of Revenue Growth, Integrity Outsource

It’s Time to Succeed at 
In-House Marketing

You’re an in-house marketer with a lean budget and a hunger to see your business thrive no matter what the world throws your way. You can do it, but you’re crazy if you think you can do it all by yourself. Bluematter gives you the support the agency promised and all the perks of in-house.

This is the way. 

Step 1

Plan your Marketing

Create a custom digital marketing strategy using a logical framework.

Step 2

Partner with Experts

Bring on leading tools  and marketers to execute your campaigns.

Step 3

Collaborate with Peers

Tackle every marketing challenge in a community of peers.

strategy hub

Create a Marketing Strategy and Gain New Skills from Experts

Ditch your agency’s recycled marketing playbook to create your marketing strategy in-house and drive breakthrough results.

execution hub

Implement your marketing with the best marketers and tools in the world

Browse our marketplace of vetted marketing services, freelancers, and technologies offered with high-touch onboarding and exclusive pricing.
community hub

Collaborate with your peers and succeed together

Bluematter’s social network connects every expert, member, partner, and coach to help everyone achieve their goals and learn from one another.

Get off the marketing crazy cycle 🙃

Take a deep dive into what makes Bluematter the only solution you’ll ever need as an in-house marketer in Episode #1 of our Quick Start Videos.

Loved by those who matter most.

Employers Resource Logo Bluematter Testimonial


“Bluematter is excellent at helping organizations narrow their focus in order to experience greater growth. We sharpened our understanding of who we were in the market and gained tools and processes that helped develop powerful and effective marketing.

Spencer Rule Headshot | Marketing Director Employers Resource

Spencer Rule

Marketing Director


“Bluematter combines brilliant planning and strategic input with the ability to tap into top resources whenever I need so I can be flexible in my strategy AND strong in my execution ensuring I deliver the results I committed to my team.”

Ryan Rutan

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Landrum HR Bluematter Member Testimonial


Look no further for an innovative approach to get to the outcomes you’re seeking. Bluematter helped my company get started on their journey to better marketing and their direction and guidance have grown me as a marketing professional.

Morgan Milbrant Headshot Bluematter Member Testimonial

Morgan Milbrant

Sales and Marketing Specialist 

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